Producing high-quality multilingual brochures

Your presence in new markets increases the number of language combinations required for your high-quality brochures, and certain languages are particularly challenging when it comes to graphics.

Our team of multilingual layout artists can work with all language combinations required, and with computer graphics software packages such as QuarkXPress, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Some languages (Arabic, Asian and Slavic languages) have special characteristics that affect page layout: script orientation, characters used, etc.). For this reason, it is vital that graphic designers work in their respective mother tongues, so that they can keep as close as possible to the layout of your original creation.

A long-established, ISO 9001–certified dual process of rigorous reviewing and revision ensures optimum quality of all printed material.

Multiple language options: managing quality and delivery deadlines

The role played by your catalogue in the relationship between your products and your customers is vital to your brand. The challenge of achieving adequate quality standards becomes more and more complex as you multiply the number of language versions produced.

The difficulty increases in direct proportion to the variety and complexity of the languages translated. Arabic, Asian or Slavic languages require painstaking attention to detail in their graphic design. The fonts and sizes of the characters used must be adapted without affecting your initial graphic layout, which is a symbol of your brand image.

The expertise of our multilingual teams and our ISO 9001–certified production processes ensure the production of quality printed material in the fastest possible delivery times.

Localizing pdfs, rich media and downloads

An e-catalogue, a downloadable and printable brochure, a magazine: these are all means of prolonging your website experience for users.

Whatever the format and the language combination of the content proposed to your website's visitors, our teams of graphic designers and linguists use their DTP experience to generate new types of multilingual digital material with similar production processes.

Providing customized documentation

Paper-based/print media are still important today for attaining vital objectives. In particular, they can help create an exclusive link with customers and can facilitate the transmission of a particularly important internal message to your employees.

Your strategic documents must be of irreproachable quality. Once printed, they cannot be changed.

Due to the speed and rapid-response nature of the digital era, in which online content can be modified by a simple click, producing print documents means complying with extremely strict quality procedures applied to the publication of paper material.

Datawords draws on over 12 years of experience in the production of multilingual brochures, and can manage the rollout of your creations in any of the languages you require, following ISO 9001–certified quality procedures.